Greetings World Wide Web from Ferocious Frogs!

Ferocious Frogs is a website owned and maintained by Flip Peters. That would be me. My main gig is Musician/Singer/Entertainer. I perform with Amani, featuring Stephen Fuller, Marty Eigen, Fred Fischer, and sometimes (Papa) Nick Scheubel, great musicians all. I do gigs with Rio Clemente, the Bishop of Jazz and with fabulous guitarist Larry Maltz. Recently I’ve been doing some really fun gigs at Trumpets with harmonica virtuoso Enrico Granafei.

I do a lot of Wedding Ceremony/Cocktail Hour gigs, mostly for Sweet Harmony Music and Stolen Moments Music. And I do lots of solo gigs in Assisted Living facilities, Nursing Homes and Adult Day Care facilities.

As the tag line says – I also build websites for other musicians/performers.

Right now I am using this blog/site to play crazy mad scientist (on the right side of the law, I assure you.) Figuring out how to do cool stuff and get neat effects. I will put up posts to test and demo features as well as make stylistic changes  in real time. 

I’m having fun with WordPress. What’s really great is you can build without coding, but if you know how to code you can wreak a lot of havoc! More fun than watching TV or wasting time on Facebook.

Flip & Marcia
Flip & Marcia
Flip & his Guitar